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[1] G. Cognola, R. Soldati, L. Vanzo, S. Zerbini : Descrizione lagrangiana di particelle
classiche con spin e momento di dipolo gravitazionale in presenza di torsione, Rend.
Circ. Mat. di Palermo (1983).
[2] A. Bassetto, G. Nardelli, R. Soldati : Structure of singularities and counterterms in
algebraic non covariant gauges, Proceedings of the XVII International Conference of
Group Theoretical Methods in Physics, Y. Saint-Aubin and L. Vinet Editors, Montreal
[3] G. Cognola, P. Giacconi, R. Soldati : Relation between consistent and covariant
anomalies on Riemann-Cartan manifolds, Proceedings of the 12th International Conference
on General Relativity and Gravitation, Boulder (1989).
[4] Roberto Soldati : Tests of gauge invariance in quantum local gauge field theories,
in *Physical and Nonstandard Gauges*, P. Gaigg, W. Kummer, M. Schweda Editors,
Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Physics, Berlin-Heidelberg (1990) 116 (Invited Talk).
[5] Roberto Soldati : Quantum phase factors and physical gauges, in *Problems on High
Energy Physics and Field Theory*, J. M. Troshin Editor, Moscow (1991) 171 (Invited
[6] A. Bassetto, P. Giacconi, L. Griguolo, R. Soldati : Extended integrability conditions for
vector axial-vector anomalies on Riemann-Cartan manifolds, Proceedings of the IX
Conference on General Relativity and Gravitational Physics, World Scientific (1991),
[7] Roberto Soldati : E ective Actions of Weyl spinor fields coupled to background complex
valued vielbeine, Anales de Fisica II, Monografias, M. del Olmo, M. Santader and
J. Guilarte Editors, Madrid (1993) 167.
[8] P. Giacconi, F. Maltoni, R. Soldati : Anomaly and thermodynamics for 2D spinors
in the Aharonov-Bohm gauge field in *Group Theoretical Methods in Physics*, A.
Arima, T. Eguchi, N. Nakanishi Editors, World Scientific, Singapore (1995) 432.
[9] Roberto Soldati : The Mandelstam-Leibbrandt prescription and DLCQ in *Theory
of Hadrons and Light-Front QCD*, S. D. Glazek Editor, World Scientific, Singapore
(1995) 193 (Invited Talk).
[10] A. A. Andrianov, R. Soldati : Dynamical Lorentz symmetry breaking from 3+1 renormalizable
models with Wess-Zumino interaction, in *St. Petersburg 1996, High Energy
Physics and Quantum Field Theory* 290 [HEP-TH 9612156] (Invited Talk).
[11] R. Soldati, L. Sorbo : E ective Action for Dirac spinors in the uniform electromagnetic
background field, in *Florence 1998, Path Integrals from peV to TeV* 348 [HEP-TH
[12] A. A. Andrianov, R. Soldati : Lorentz symmetry breaking in models with Wess-Zumino
interaction, in *Zvenigorod 1998, High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory*
[13] G. McCartor, M. Morara, R. Soldati : Consistent perturbative light-front formulation
of Yang-Mills theories, in *Seoul/Kyungju 1999, New directions in Quantum Chromodynamics*
284-290 (Invited Talk).
[14] A. Panza, R. Soldati : Massive Axial gauge in the exact Renormalization Group approach,
in *2nd Conference on Exact Renormalization Group, Rome, Italy* 18-22 Sep
2000, published in Int. J. Mod. Phys. A16 (2001) 2101.
[15] A. Bassetto, P. Giacconi, L. Griguolo, R. Soldati : Weyl Determinant and gravitational
Anomalies, Sep 1992, in *Bardonecchia 1992, General relativity and gravitational
physics* 607-611.
[16] A. A. Andrianov, P. Giacconi, R. Soldati : Spontaneous CPT asymmetry of the Universe,
Nov 2001, in *5th International Conference on Cosmoparticle Physics Cosmion
2001, Moscow, Russia* published in Grav. Cosmol. Suppl. 8 (2002) 41-44.

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